Nimbus Domains is a full service domain brokerage and development company. We have over 10 years experience in the domain industry and have the knowledge and experience to get deals done and build idle domains into valuable web properties.


Our core offering is domain brokerage, where we assist buyers in domain acquisitions and sellers in sales of individual domain names or entire portfolios. Our domain experts spend a lot of time upfront understanding your goals and then work diligently to bring deals to fruition. We do everything from making initial contacts with buyers/sellers to the final transfer of funds and domains.

Tedious negotiations between buyers and sellers often lead to failed transactions. We have brokered countless domain transactions and are expert negotiators. When you work with Nimbus Domains, all you need to worry about is transferring your domain (if selling) or wiring funds (if buying). We handle everything else. While other domain brokers charge 10% and higher, our fixed fee structure is always 7.5% of the final transaction price. This fee is paid by the side that we represent. For example, if we represent a seller on a $10,000 domain sale, our fee is $750.


Do you own a top notch domain that is wasting away trying to earn parking revenue? We can partner with you for success. Our company has over 10 years of website development and search engine marketing experience and can turn an idle domain into a highly valuable web property that generates higher income or a higher transaction value in the event of a sale.

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